Sexual Abuse


Child sex abuse in Colorado has impacted the lives of thousands and thousands of children and their families over many years. The pain that sex offenders inflict on their young victims is immeasurable and stays with the affected children for the rest of their lives. All the harms and losses are made even worse if the child is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or is otherwise singled out for abuse because of who they are. Studies have shown that children who have been abused have a lower quality of life, intense PTSD, lower future earnings, low self-esteem, higher health care costs, higher unemployment, greater susceptibility to alcohol and drug use disorders, and the list goes on.

Sadly, much of the abuse in Colorado and throughout the United States is perpetrated by individuals representing institutions and organizations of trust. The emotional and physical scars these perpetrators leave directly interfere with victims’ abilities to live normal, productive lives and often require them to spend significant resources to cope with the trauma. This violation of trust has profound consequences for the child.

Helping end the sexual abuse that continues to occur in institutions of trust, such as the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, day care centers, our schools, and extracurricular youth programs run by many city, community, and local youth centers is one of our utmost passions.  

The problem of institutional sexual abuse of children led the Colorado General Assembly to establish a special cause of action that allows institutional victims of decades-old attacks to sue for sexual abuse committed while they were minors. The climate for much needed justice has never been better in Colorado than it is right now; and it's about time. We are on the cutting edge with new strategies, legal theories, and unbridled passion.

Side by side with LawForPeople's incredible attorneys, individuals who have been traumatized by sexual predators may seek compensation for the damages done to them - even decades later. Although money cannot change the past, it does help sexual abuse victims pay for the resources they need to help them continue through life. Unfortunately, child abuse in Colorado is not an anomaly but a regular occurrence. 

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