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There are a lot of bad things that happen in the world. All too frequently it's because of carelessness, sometimes it’s worse. Whether it's a sexual predator, a slumlord, a careless business, a bigoted boss, dangerous stairway, or even just a clueless, careless driver – these things can derail your life, and your happiness, in an instant. We’re here to hold them accountable.

When people or companies are negligent, when employees do bad things, PEOPLE get hurt. 

Our lives can literally be turned upside down in an instant. If you are a member of the community of good people, the caring community, LTBQIA+, an ally, a parent, or just a cool human; the pain and disruption can be even worse. A replacement job can be more difficult to find, finances might be running on fumes; it's even hard to know if your being treated fairly...or worse...being taken seriously. Truth is, it's more difficult to get fairness, justice and healing from a traumatic event if you are a member of any minority or marginalized community, or even if you just think outside the box. How do we know this? Because we live it. We are members of the community we have chosen to represent as lawyers. Why? Because we’ve seen that being heard matters.

We'll get right to the point

We bring the best legal representation to the people who need it the most.  

Our mission is to aggressively represent people who are...



Suffering losses, harms and damages

Members of communities with limited voice. 

How? We came from the very communities we represent. We know how it all feels. And we know how it all works.

The law exists to ensure equal justice and to redress harms suffered by the injured, the damaged, and the traumatized. Our community does not always get that from the law. The legal system doesn't always serve our community. In fact, as you look around the country and see the horrific unfairness that is regularly dished out to women, BIPOC people, and especially at the moment, our transgendered brothers and sisters, and even their parents and allies - it makes us wonder how anyone in this vibrant community could ever get fairness in a courtroom, or justice in a resolution process.

We believe you can't separate law from the community. 

That's where we come in

The climate for much needed justice for our community has never been better in Colorado than it is right now. We are experienced, battle-tested, and epically passionate about what we do - which is sue bad actors and make them accountable.

We represent the totality of our clients for the vibrant, creative, magic people that they are. No insurance company, no bad actor, no sex offender gets a discount for who we are. Quite the contrary, you have a story to tell, and we know how to tell it. From personal injury to car accidents, premises liability, discrimination and sexual abuse, we represent our community with all we have.

verdicts & settlements

Against energy companies who negligently set up a fracking well, resulting in the burn death of Plaintiff's husband, an undocumented worker.

wrongful death


Action for Negligence during acrobatic dancing at Cherry Creek nightclub.



Violation of the A for failure to adequately control Plaintiff's wheelchair, and she was seriously injured as a result.



Settlement after filing lawsuit. Mary K., mother of Addy K., infant who died after being left unattended for more than an hour at White Oaks Academy Day Care.

negligence, Wrongful death


Intelligent, compassionate, kind and gets great results! Very personable and pays attention to detail.

- Darren Lyman

Best law office! Always answered my questions and kept me in the loop. Would recommend to everyone

- Stacey Lee

Law for People represented me in an employment separation matter. I was incredibly satisfied with their work, attentiveness, and professionalism. Would absolutely recommend Ellyn and Mike for anyone who needs employment and/or contractual legal representation.

- Charles Spitzer-Stadtlander

I've never met an attorney that has her morals. She’ like family rather than an attorney wanting a paycheck. She doesnt make a legal case boring either. Shes awesome.

- Rakan Aldossary

The first thing would be to call us and talk about it.
No charge. You have our attention.

If you've been hurt in any way, there is something you can do about it. 

We also value contributing in other ways: general legislative advocacy on Capitol Hill, feeding the unhoused, LGBTQIA+ events with Parasol Patrol, fighting poaching in Africa, teaching legal skills to other like-minded trial attorneys, Pridefest, and even taking the trans flag to Mount Everest (Sagarmatha to the Nepalis, Chomolunga to Tibetans).